Meet the Team

Ryan La Sasso - Owner | Optician | Webmaster

Ryan was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and has resided in Chicago since 2005. Ryan has been in the optical industry since 2009 and has loved it ever since! Previously he was a web designer and developer for many years creating some very popular websites we use today. Through his experience he has learned the value of having an aesthetically pleasing and easily functional website.

Since his introduction to the optical industry he has specifically sought out to have the very best eyewear in the world. He is passionate about carrying independent artisan eyewear from around the world that is unique in style, specializing in only the best craftsmanship. Ryan's envision of an eyewear dispensary is a showroom-style boutique that would be the most eye pleasing as well as eclectic. He wanted to make patients feel as comfortable as possible, just as if they were at home. He has had many custom wood pieces made for the store because he feels wood is the most soothing and creative of materials. "It's the wood that makes it good!"

Ryan wants to see and experience the world more than anything else, looking for unique eyewear along the way.


Luxury Eyesight is currently looking for it's next member of the family. We are soon in need of an Optometrist so we can finally be a one-stop-shop and perform eye exams in our boutique. If you would like to apply for this position please email us at with your resume and experience. Thank you for your interest!