Kirk Originals Roberta (Stripes)

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Frame Size:
53-18-130-32 Base 5

About the Kirk Originals Roberta (Stripes)

The Roberta - Stripes is a part of the Kirk Originals Twenty Pins & Stripes Collection. Leaning on the core values of the brand, TWENTY stripes, celebrate colour in a retro style. With all things British coming to the fore, these collections espouse the quintessentially British look in shapes that people can relate to but in a style that gives a nuance of difference, the unique idiosyncrasy that we have come to expect from Kirk Originals. Each individual frame has its own '20 year' badge of authenticity hand-sunk into the tip and the Kirk Originals signature inside the frame, the benchmark of quality. 100% handmade in France from start to finish, the collections hint at early Kirk Originals acetate styling from the '90s but in a modernist context. Named after famous personalities of 1992 when Kirk Originals was born these classic shapes are developed and detailed to give a unique identity which is both contemporary and a nod in the direction of the brand heritage.

Available Colors:

ST4 - Red with Black and White Stripe - Displayed in Picture
ST1 - Blue with Light Blue and White Stripe
ST2 - Black with Grey and White Stripe
ST3 - White with Grey and White Stripe
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