La LOOP Gunmetal Dog Tag 670 Necklace

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Chain Length:
25 Inches

About the La LOOP Dog Tag 670

The Gunmetal 670 Dog Tag is the premier addition to the La LOOP dog tag family. This particular model features a 25 inch long gunmetal ball chain harnessing a dog tag with the trademark La LOOP hinges. Feel military but look debonair with the Gunmetal 670 Dog Tag. La LOOP was the first necklace for eyewear, establishing this category after having been awarded a patent on the loop's swivel hinges. As with each La LOOP, a signature gift bag is included with the designer necklace.

La LOOP was invented in 1999 - out of necessity. How many times can one look for ones glasses? And wearing those granny leashes-not an option. Why can't something be functional and stylish and well made? That was the question and La LOOP is the answer. The magical hinges on either side of the loop enable the glasses to stay in place when in the loop.


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