Lens Replacement

Just looking for new lenses in your current frame? We do that too! Regardless of where you have purchased your eyewear from. Most handmade eyewear require special attention from a lab that specializes in making lenses for these type of frames on a daily basis (especially frames like ic! berlin, MYKITA, Gold & Wood and rimless drill mount frames). We also offer you the same complimentary FedEx Worldwide Shipping as is customary with all products that come from LuxuryEyesite.com!

We have made adding new prescription lenses into your current frames very easy. Simply click the designer or material of frame you have from the list below and a prescription page will open for you. On the prescription page choose the lens material, vision type, and any other options you desire for your glasses.

At the very end of the checkout you will have a chance to input your prescription or once we process your order you will receive an email requesting for it to be emailed or faxed to us. Your prescription must include your O.D. (Right Eye), O.S. (Left Eye) and PD (Pupillary Distance). Then just send your frames to us, prescription lens work typically takes 7-10 business days from the date we receive your frame.

We understand the value of your new look and vision, if you prefer you can always contact us to speak to an optician over the phone. We want you to be as comfortable with your decision as possible. If you have any special requests regarding the lenses in your new frames or if you desire a specific brand of lenses please do not hesitate to ask. We work closely with our lab technicians and they can do practically anything with a lens.

LuxuryEyesite.com Prescription Lens Guarantee

If you receive your new prescription lenses and they are not correct in any way, we stand by our work, and will remake them for no charge within 30 days. This will not go against your warranty and additional shipping fees will not apply.

When we make your new prescription lenses you automatically receive a 1 year lens warranty for a one-time replacement of your lenses, at no charge. Adding any Crizal Anti-Reflective coating will offer you an additional 1 year of coverage. This does not cover you for negligence against your lenses. NOTE: Warranty lens replacement is only for the original prescription used at the time of purchase.

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Shipping Promotion

When your item is being shipped within the United States and you have added a prescription lens to your current frame(s), we ship your frame back to you FedEx 2 Day Air at NO CHARGE (Please choose FREE Shipping upon checkout).

When your item is being shipped International and you have added a prescription lens to your current frame(s), we ship your frame back to you FedEx International Priority at NO CHARGE (Please choose FREE Shipping upon checkout).

Please ship your frames to the address listed below:
c/o: Lens Replacement
Luxury Eyesight
3808 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60613


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