TAG Heuer LRS 0252

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Frame Size:
63-17-120-43 Base 8

About the TAG Heuer LRS 0252

What does LRS mean? "L" is for Link, reminiscent of the iconic TAG Heuer watch collection. The hinge sports the recognizable shape that the Link model is famous for. Made of 316L stainless steel, which is a triple finish, the design of the hinge is perfectly integrated. "RS" is for Racing Sport. Straight elastomer temples combined with 8 Base lenses, give the LRS its sporty character, directly inspired by TAG Heuer's Motor racing. Thanks to their straight design, the temples fit easily and comfortable under a helmet.

Availability: Please note, TAG Heuer eyewear is handmade in Paris. If we do not have the frame you desire in stock it can typically take a week to receive. We always recommend contacting us to inquire the availability of the frame you desire.

All TAG Heuer eyewear includes with a 2 Year Warranty.

Available Colors:

102 - Black/Red/Pure with Grey Outdoor Lenses
203 - Dark Brown/Black/Chocolate with Brown Precision Lenses (Polarized)
205 - Brown/Ivory/Gold with Brown Precision Lenses (Polarized) - Displayed in Picture
206 - Black/White/Pure with Grey Outdoor Lenses
301 - Black/Black/Black with Green Outdoor Lenses
309 - Black/Anise/Matte Black with Green Precision Lenses (Polarized)
401 - Black/Black/Black with Watersport Lenses (Polarized)
404 - Cobalt Blue/Black/Matte Black with Watersport Lenses (Polarized)
705 - Brown/Ivory/Gold with Brown Outdoor Lenses
708 - Brown/Orange/Matte Chocolate with Brown Outdoor Lenses

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