TAG Heuer Racer 9205

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Frame Size:
65-16-125-39 Base 8

About the TAG Heuer Racer 9205

Every detail reveals its sporting pedigree. Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses are fitted according to your intended sports use. Up a mountain or out at sea, you have the protection you need for enhanced vision. Advanced materials provide a light, supple but strong frame which remembers the shape of your face. Designed of a polymere composite that is lighter than actetate and soft touch temple tips that are perfect for shape memory. Sporty lines too in the hinge design, which takes its shape from the dynamic LinK timepiece. Stainless steel hinge and lug that is rust resistance so you can take your sunglasses anywhere you go.

Availability: Please note, TAG Heuer eyewear is handmade in Paris. If we do not have the frame you desire in stock it can typically take a week to receive. We always recommend contacting us to inquire the availability of the frame you desire.

All TAG Heuer eyewear includes with a 2 Year Warranty.

Available Colors:

101-Black/Sand Polished with Grey Outdoor Lenses
103-Grey/Sand Polished with Grey Outdoor Lenses
104-Blue Grey/Brushed with Grey Outdoor Lenses
181-Matt Black/Shiny Black with Grey Photochromic Lenses
202-Brown/Sand Polished with Brown Precision Lenses (Polarized)
311-Matt Black/Shiny Black with Green Outdoor Lenses - Displayed in Picture
321-Matt Black and Red with Green Precision Lenses (Polarized)
401-Black/Sand Polished with Watersport Lenses (Polarized)
702-Brown/Sand Polished with Brown Outdoor Lenses

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