PayPal Recommended

Why do we recommend PayPal when purchasing online?

Due to the increasing amount of credit card fraud and the value of the items we sell, we thoroughly evaluate each and every order we receive. When you use PayPal, you as the buyer and we as the seller are fully protected against any situation that could occur. Our website has many fraud filters in place to screen each order that we receive. We have had to decline many orders due to suspicious activity that these filters determine. Unfortunately some customers can be legitimate but if the risk is determined too high, we will cancel the order.

When you use PayPal there is no need for us to evaluate the order, it is covered under PayPal's protection. In addition to this, if not using PayPal our payment security department may ask for additional personal information in order to validate legitimacy of the purchase.

All orders NOT using a confirmed PayPal account will be shipped signature required through FedEx.

Need to sign up for PayPal? It is very easy! Please click HERE to get started.