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TAG Heuer


A powerful combination of integrated design, ergonomic engineering, "100% Made in France," outstanding quality and superior materials. Development and production, deliver eyewear that remains unrivaled in performance and patented innovation.


Function drives our design. The seamless aesthetic of the frame's invisible hinges and straight Elastomer stems is based on concrete wearability - comfort, lightness and responsiveness to the demands of daily life and sports performance. Numberable patents and prestigious industry awards recognize the rigor of this design philosophy that fuses function and refinement.


Morez is France's regional production center for artisanal eyewear, hand crafted with fastidious oversight by experience and expertly trained personnel. This 100% Made in France authenticity is behind each piece of TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear as a solid assurance of production purity, where savoir-faire craftsmanship defines the value of luxury, and tradition shapes avant-garde advances in design.


TAG Heuer's high level of quality is the result of rigorous choices and constant monitoring of all our suppliers and their products, throughout the manufacturing process.

In conformity with the CE ISO 12870 standard, the TAG Heuer Eyewear in-house laboratory carries out numerous tests on all new frames throughout the development process right up to their launch on the market:

  • - Mechanical stability: deformation of the bridge, holding of the lenses and resilience of the hinges
  • - Resistance to perspiration (artificial sweat)
  • - Stability against optical rays
  • - Dimensional stability at high temperatures
  • - Resistance to inflammation

Other tests relating to surface treatments are carried out in accordance with ALUTEC (Association Lunetière Technologique) specifications:

  • - Resistance to wear and tear
  • - Resistance to chemical products
  • - Resistance to sebum
  • - Resistance to impacts

The TAG Heuer Eyewear in-house laboratory also carries out other tests on new frames for sunglasses in accordance with the CE NF EN 1836 standard:

  • - Transmission factor and filter category
  • - Optical power of the lenses
  • - Diffused light
  • - Homogeneity of the transmission factor in the visible spectrum

And to guarantee the exceptional quality of its products, TAG Heuer Eyewear has developed other tests in collaboration with its Research & Development department:

  • - Mechanical resistance of the structure
  • - Mechanical fatigue of the groove
  • - Number of times the temples can be opened / closed
  • - Resistance to hair gel
  • - Resistance to sun cream
  • - Resistance of the adhesion
  • - Resistance of the lenses to de-lamination


    TAG Heuer uses only the highest quality materials selected according to the strictest criteria. This rigorous selection process guarantees the robustness and reliability of each frame. The avant-garde materials used in TAG Heuer glasses provide unmatched ergonomics and comfort. Advanced composite materials and those borrowed from the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking, such as 316L Stainless Steel, inspired innovative design solutions for greater comfort and operable efficiency. Beta Titanium and Carbon are exceptionally lightweight while Elastomer allows ultimate ease in enhanced ergonomics and fine leaders such as alligator, calfskin and python add a rich and natural finish to the frame construction.

    316 L + STAINLESS STEEL is an alloy of iron and carbon, to which mainly chrome is added to make the alloy oxidation-resistant. Stronger than ordinary steel and almost completely scratchproof, 316 L + stainless steel is widely used in haute horlogerie. For these reasons, TAG Heuer Eyewear is using it more and more often, especially for its screws.

    MIM stainless steel (Metallic Injection Molding) is a manufacturing process that involves using stainless steel powders mixed finely with polymer binders to develop complex shapes.Nowadays, sectors such as medical, aerospace or automotive manufacturing use this process frequently.

    PVD COATING (Physical Vapor Deposition) involves condensing a metallic vapor in a partial vacuum. Made primarily from titanium carbide, this layered treatment optimizes the life of a finish by reinforcing its surface hardness and resistance to corrosion and scratches.

    ß-TITANIUM is an avant-garde metal with unique qualities. It is biocompatible and hypoallergenic, containing no nickel. It is twice as light as stainless steel and corrosion-resistant. It possesses exceptional mechanical properties: resistance and ductile strength (the capacity of a material to be bent without breaking). Its unrivalled qualities ensure its longevity.

    CARBON is a material that is generally used in the aeronautical and Formula 1 industries. Carbon is inalterable and therefore exceptionally resistant to corrosion. This high-performance fiber is also extremely light (three times lighter that titanium), making it possible to manufacture frames that weigh only a few grams. Finally, it has excellent mechanical properties: solidity, flexibility and responsiveness that withstand the test of time.

    ELASTOMER offers excellent mechanical resistance to wear and water, in addition to offering natural elasticity that ensures optimal comfort. Thanks to many tests carried out by its Quality department, TAG Heuer Eyewear has selected an ultra-resistant and hypoallergenic elastomer for its frames, which is also very pleasant to touch.

    TAG Heuer uses various types of LEATHER for its frames: calfskin, alligator or python. The alligator skins are of certified origin and come from breeding farms only. And all our leathers are assembled, stitched, cut or hemmed by highly qualified craftsmen who ensure that the finishes reflect the quality required by watchmaking standards. Each leather is tested to ensure it fully meets the standards set out for resistance to dry or wet friction and to light.


    1860 Edouard Heuer founds a watchmaking workshop in St. Imier, in the Swiss Jura mountains.

    1916 Invention of the first counters accurate to 1/100th of a second, the “Mikrograph” and the “Microsplit”.

    1964 Jack Heuer lance le chronographe TAG Heuer Carrera en hommage à la célèbre course « Carrera Panamericana Mexico » des années 1950.

    1966 Launch of the “Microtimer”, the world’s first miniaturized electronic timekeeping instrument accurate to 1/1,000th of a second.

    1969 Launch of the “Monaco” model, the world’s first square-cased water-resistant automatic chronograph.

    1971 Heuer is designated the official timekeeper of the Formula 1 “Scuderia Ferrari” team and signs a contract with the Ferrari race car drivers so that they wear the company logo.

    1982 Launch of the “2000” series that soon becomes a benchmark in the industry. This series incarnates the brand’s sporting spirit and combines the six characteristics of a true sports watch: water-resistant to 200 meters, unidirectional rotating bezel, luminescent hands and hour-markers, screw-down crown, solid steel double safety clasp and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

    1985 The TAG Heuer brand is launched when shares in the Heuer company are acquired by the “Techniques d’Avant-Garde” group, owner of the McLaren racing team.

    1999 The TAG Heuer brand becomes part of the LVMH group and occupies fourth place on the world’s luxury watchmaking market ever since.

    2002 TAG Heuer launches “TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear”, its first prestige sports eyewear range with the “Reflex” collection. It includes technical and innovative products that offer unrivaled comfort and which have been making a name for themselves on international markets since 2005.

    2004 TAG Heuer creates a revolution with the new “Monaco V4” Concept Watch. The Monaco “Sixty Nine”, the first reversible watch featuring both an analogue and a digital dial, wins first prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie in Geneva.

    2005 Maria Sharapova becomes a brand ambassador. In 2008, she designs her “Maria Sharapova by TAG Heuer” line of eyewear in collaboration with in-house designers.

    2007 TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear launches Night Vision technology, which corrects natural night-time myopia and is tested and approved by professional race car drivers. Thanks to these pale yellow lenses, night-time contrasts are enhanced, improving visual acuity and reducing ocular fatigue considerably.

    2008 The "TAG Heuer 360" museum opens its doors at TAG Heuer's head office in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

    2010 TAG Heuer celebrates its 150th anniversary and signs a partnership with Audi. For the mythic 24 Heures du Mans race, TAG Heuer equips the Audi Sport drivers with “Squadra Night Vision”, the world’s first ophthalmic mask to integrate corrective lenses and winner of a Red Dot Design Award.

    TAG Heuer celebrates 150 years of pioneering swiss watchmaking. Founded in 1860 in Saint Imier by Edouard Heuer, TAG Heuer is today the 4th largest luxury watch Brand worldwide and the undisputed leader of prestigious sports watches and chronographs. TAG Heuer DNA is made of technology and design, innovation, prestige and peformance with an obsession for quality and precision. These founding values are driving today all our developments and have been the frame which has allowed TAG Heuer Eyewear to become, in less than 10 years, the world leader in premium men’s Eyewear. An extraordinary accomplishment when bearing in mind the number of historical Eyewear Brands competing on the market. TAG Heuer icon, the “Reflex”, embodies TAG Heuer DNA: the flexible ß-Titanium temples are a major innovation and an engineering feat. Not only does it allow an unmatched comfort and face customization but also a unique aeasthetic. Many other TAG Heuer models such as the “L-Type”, the “C-Flex”, The “Panorama” or the “NightVision” have pioneered luxury eyewear and been rewarded by many prestigious Silmo and Red Dot awards.

    Aesthetics, functionality, ergonomy, precision and reliability are our key words. They are turned into commercial products thanks to intensive R and D, Consumer Insigts collection and feedback from our Retailing Distribution network. We permanently venture into new technologies and materials to be at the Avant-Garde of contemporary luxury Eyewear and Sunglasses. We also partner with many institutes, experts and external companies such as Audi Sport to envision, develop and test in the most demanding conditions such as the Le Mans 24 Hours Race for our “Night Vision” models, our key novelties. Motoracing, like in watches, is a source of inspiration as much as Golf or other sports combining prestige and peformance. The Maria Sharapova ladies collection is another example of our close partnership to opinion leaders and influencing leaders to influence our creations.

    Quality is utmost at TAG Heuer, and the Eyewear follow similar tests on similar in-house developed torture test machinery to ensure you lifetime reliability. This combined with design timelessness make a TAG Heuer Eyewear purchase not only an exceptional emotional moment in life but a sure choice for daily comfort and attractive look. Our workshop, like for watches, is located in Jura Mountains in Morez, where 5 centuries ago, a unique expertise in mastering micro-mechanics has developed and blossomed to the advantage of french eyewear makers and swiss-watchmakers, today setting the standards of innovation, style, quality and prestige of these categories. We are proud to be “Made in France” for our Eyewear, as much as we are proud of our “Swiss Made” Timepieces and “Swiss Engineered” Luxur Mobile Phones.

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