Flex Spending


Contact us about Flex Spending

Do you have Flex Spending that you need to use before it expires?! We accept all flex spending cards that can be used towards the purchase of ANYTHING on our website! If you have a Flex Credit Card please call us and we can process your order through our Chicago boutique. If you wish to use your personal credit card and get reimbursed through your provider you can make a purchase directly off of our website. We can also provide you with any additional invoice you may need for your insurance.

Have any additional questions, want some info, need help placing an order or just want to talk to someone? We are always here to answer your questions and concerns. Thanks to technology, our customer service team will get your email instantly on their phone, wherever they are, at every waking hour. Please contact us by phone during our business hours listed below or by email and we will be happy to help you right away. Thank you for shopping at LuxuryEyesite.com!

Please click HERE for the most Frequently Asked Questions.