Why Choose LuxuryEyesite.com


We are a Trusted Authorized Retailer.

What does an Authorized Retailer mean? An authorized retailer or dealer has the exclusive rights to distribute a manufacturer's product under certain terms. Each product comes from the company and includes their manufacturer's warranty. If an issue should arise, we as the authorized retailer can contact the manufacturer and have any and all issues rectified. An unauthorized retailer would not be able to handle any issues for you and manufacturers will only deal directly with their accounts and not the general public. In fact, it can void a warranty if you were to purchase an item from a unauthorized retailer or third party because they are not covered under that company's policies. So be careful whom you purchase your products from; a strong indication of an authorized retailer is to look at the designer's "shop finder" for the company name you want to purchase from. You should also always contact the actual designer to confirm a company's authorization. You are safe with us!

We offer FedEx Worldwide Shipping for NO CHARGE on all of our products!

Why does everyone else use USPS (United States Postal Service) and you choose FedEx? Often times, others choose USPS to keep their overhead down because FedEx is at least three times the cost of USPS. The fact is, USPS does not hold themselves liable for any lost, stolen or damaged goods that they handle. This combined with a poor track record of unreliable delivery times leaves us no longer confident shipping with any other company. FedEx is the leader in worldwide shipments, providing real-time tracking and if anything should ever happen you are reimbursed instantly. We choose FedEx to make sure your products arrive undamaged and on time, guaranteed. We wouldn't want anything to happen to the items that you have spent your hard-earned money on. You paid for "Luxury Eyesight" you should get "Luxury Shipping" ...at no charge!

We have an outstanding Customer Service Team that actually cares.

We live and breathe eyewear, it is our job and our passion. If you have a question, concern or even suggestions we want to assist you as quickly as possible. We believe in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated when making a big decision and purchase. We have based our business off of successful companies whom we felt had the most personable and superior customer service such as Apple, Southwest Airlines and American Express.

We only sell 100% Authentic Products.

This goes hand in hand with being an authorized retailer, we are exclusively associated with each designer's collection we provide. Many times a third party will try to imitate the design of a product and sell it as authentic. This is where you must be very careful whom you purchase your items from... If it is too good to be true, it probably is. The quality and craftsmanship of our products is top of the line and doesn't compare to imitation. If you decide not to make a purchase from us then please be aware of whom you are buying from.

Our website was designed by humans for humans.

Human designed website imageWhen we shop online we don't like it when there are buttons and banners and pop-ups that come from every direction on a web page, its like being at the circus! We designed our website to be clean, very secure, internationally compatible and easy to navigate. Our website is backed by a number of security measures including a 256 encryption checkout within the site, allowing users to shop with confidence. That means we never see or store any of your personal financial information as it is processed by our secure merchant, PayPal. If you do not see a green padlock next to the url for a website you are entering your personal information, you should not be providing your information on that website. For more information on how we keep all of your information safe, please read our privacy policy page.

This is our specialty.

We love it when we get inquiries about a frame or eyewear collection we currently do not offer on the website. We are always up to the challenge to seek out a particular frame model within our current designers. We know you desire a certain look and it allows us to expand the website with different models, allowing others to choose from more of a variety. If you do not see the glasses of your dreams please ask, we want you to have your new look just as much as you do.

No sales tax outside of the State of Illinois.

If you live outside the state of Illinois, you can enjoy all our products completely tax free. If you are international, we are just as eager to expedite your shipment as you are to receive it. With a large percent of our online customers being international, we take a number of measures to ensure that any and all shipments pass through the recipient's country of customs as quickly as possible.

We are the fastest growing high-end eyewear boutique in Chicago.... and on the Internet!

Voted Chicago's Best Independent Eyewear Boutique!

And for this, we owe it all to you. We launched our long-imagined dream in the summer of 2011 and already are amongst the top Google searches for the products we specialize in. We have had only great customers with wonderful things to say about us. For us, a measure of success can always be made in regards to the number of repeat customers and their referrals which we hope to continue growing each day. We strive to be the best and we have many tricks up our sleeve to prove to the world we are, very soon. If you happen to find yourself in the Chicago area, we welcome you to come visit our showroom. We thank you for being so great and we hope to SEE you soon!