Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are Frequently Asked Questions in an effort to assist you instantly. If the answer to your question is not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for you interest in our products and service.

I have questions about the Iron Man 3 MATSUDA Sunglasses?

- We have a Frequently Asked Questions page JUST for the Iron Man M3023 Sunglasses HERE.

Do you ship to my country? How much is shipping?

- We ship all of our products to ANYWHERE in the world by FedEx Priority for NO CHARGE! No matter if you live in the United States, Zimbabwe, Chile, New Zealand or Russia, we still ship to you and it is still no charge.

What is your return policy? What if I do not want what I ordered?

- You can view our return policy by clicking HERE.

Are your products authentic?

- We ONLY sell 100% Authentic products from each of our collections. You can verify this by going to that particular collection's "shop finder" page or contact them directly to confirm this. We always encourage you to do this when purchasing high-end items from any website. Click HERE for more reasons why you should choose us for your next pair of glasses.

Do you have all the products on your website in stock?

- Please know that we are just as eager to fulfill your order as you are to receive it. Even though we have the image of the frame available to purchase on our website does not necessarily mean we have the frame in stock and ready to ship. If a frame should need to be special ordered it can take from 3 days to 4 weeks for our boutique to receive, depending on the availability of the item and the collection.

We always encourage everyone to Contact Us first to check frame availability prior to ordering, especially if you need your new glasses by a particular date. We are here to answer any questions you have by phone during business hours or by email at every waking hour.

Do you make prescription lenses? How do I add lenses to a frame?

We have made adding lenses into your new eyewear very easy. On the frame page simply click the + Add Lenses button and it will bring you to the lenses section below. Here you can choose the lens material, vision type, and/or any options you desire for your new lenses. Once you have made your selection click the + Add to Shopping Bag button and your lens options and frame will be added to the shopping bag.

At the bottom of this section you can input your prescription. You have the option of either uploading your prescription (recommended), input your prescription in the fields provided or click to provide it to us at a later time.

Please click HERE for more information.

When purchasing lenses on your website do I need to order both left and right lenses separately?

The lens and options you choose is for the complete set of lenses; left and right eye. You do not need to purchase both sides separately or change the quantity unless you are interested in multiple sets of lenses.

Can you replace just the lenses in my current frame?

- We do replace lenses if it is from a collection we carry. Regardless of where you have purchased your eyewear from. Most handmade eyewear require special attention from a lab that specializes in making lenses for these type of frames on a daily basis (especially frames like ic! berlin, MYKITA, Gold & Wood and rimless drill mount frames). Please click HERE for replacement lenses.

How do I know what prescription lens is right for me?

- Please click HERE for more information on practically anything and everything you need to know about the lenses we offer. There is a wealth of knowledge on this page including what kind of lens material is best for your prescription, anti-reflective coatings and lens options. We have also created a guide HERE on what lens is best for you based off of your prescription. You can also always Contact Us for our lens recommendation.

Do you sell custom mirrored and polarized lenses?

- Please click HERE for more information on practically anything you need to know about the custom lenses we offer. There is a wealth of knowledge on this page including what kind of mirror coatings and polarized lenses we offer. You can also always Contact Us with questions or email us with images of the custom lenses you desire.

What is included when I purchase a pair of glasses?

- You will receive the glasses, a case and a wipe cloth from the collection.

Will I receive a warranty when I purchase any of your products?

- Yes you will! Please click HERE to view the warranty coverage you receive when you purchase any frame, lenses and/or La LOOP necklace from us.

Are the tinted lenses included when purchasing a pair of sunglasses?

- Yes, you will receive the original tinted lenses with the sunglasses, as seen in the images.

Can I pay for my order with my insurance plan?

We only accept FLEX/Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or HSA credit cards. You can use your credit card through our website but if for any reason you have any issues checking out we can always accept your card over the phone. Unfortunately, we do not accept any vision insurance plans. However, you can self submit our receipt for reimbursement through your out-of-network coverage.

Can I search the website for my the exact size frame that I currently wear?

Yes, you can certainly do this! We designed our website to be as easy to use as possible. For example, if you wear a frame that is a 55 Eye Size and a 16 Bridge Size, simply type in the search bar 55-16 in that exact format. All the frames we sell, that are that size, will appear in the upper half of the search results. Click HERE for a size chart that will also help you understand and locate your current size. Please Note: This is just a general way to search for frame that might fit you, many wearers are able to fit in a wide array of sizes.

If I purchase multiple products can you offer me a discount? Do you price match?

- As an authorized retailer and the contractual agreements we are not permitted to discount our products This rule applies to every legitimate company selling the same products online. If you see another website that shows the same product for significantly less it is most likely due to it being a counterfeit, a replica or an online scam. We always encourage you to do your research with that particular collection and the company you are looking to purchase from to make sure they are an authorized retailer. You are safe with us!

If you are interested in placing a large order you can Contact Us with what you are interested in. We can always see what we can do for you in other methods of accommodation, at that current time.

We also have Frames on Sale, these are previous season styles that we are discounting, while they last.

Can I order a frame that has been discontinued?

- We can order ANY frame from our selection of collections, if they still have it available. We can perform a search with our collections to find a particular frame and color that you are after. We have a page specifically for Discontinued Frames and we will try our hardest to scour the earth for the frame you desire!

Can I order a frame that is not shown on your website?

- We can order ANY frame from our selection of collections, even though it may not be currently on our website. We want you to have your new look just as much as you do! Please email us with the frame you are interested in and we can let you know the availability of that frame right away.

If I special order an item that will take time to get, do I have to pay in advance?

- Yes, we require payment in advance for all special orders as we typically pay for the items before they even ship from the manufacturer. We also have no way of "holding" a payment as we do not store customer's personal information for your and our protection. Once you place an order on our website your credit card will be charged at that moment.

Will I have to adjust the glasses?

- Prior to shipping your glasses to you we do a thorough inspection of each frame for any imperfections and we perform a 4 point alignment of the frame for a standard fit. Please Note: The frame may require further adjustments to fit you, in this instance we encourage you to visit a local optician for a personal adjustment. Most opticians will adjust your frames free of charge, as a courtesy. We do not recommend adjusting the glasses yourself, as excessive force or bending can break the frames and/or lenses.

How long does it take to ship to me?

- We ship FedEx Priority for all orders. Domestic shipping takes 2 business days and international shipping takes 5-7 business days from the day the item is in stock at our boutique.

Will I receive import duty fees from my country?

- Please note that a large part of our business is international. To accommodate our customers, we do everything we can to expedite your shipment through customs and reduce the chance of any import fees being incurred. Depending on your country's policies you may incur shipping delays and/or import duties/fees. This is not regulated by us and we are not responsible for any additional import fees that are applied by your country. Please do your research with your country's import policies to see if this even applies to you.

Will I receive State Taxes on my online purchase?

- If you live outside the state of Illinois, you can enjoy all our products completely tax free!

Do you have a boutique near me?

- We currently only have a physical boutique in Chicago, IL U.S.A., but we do ship to anywhere in the world by FedEx at no charge. If you do happen to be in Chicago we would love to meet you and assist you with all of your eyewear needs!

Why is Luxury Eyesight the best? Why do you have such great reviews?! :-)

- Simple, because we really care. Apparently and unfortunately that is a rare thing these days...