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Traditional technique + design

All MASAHIROMARUYAMA frames are made in the Fukui prefecture of Japan.In Fukui prefecture, the history of eyewear manufacturing has developed over a century and our frames are manufactured at an old-established factory in Sabae City. We work with skilled craftsmen to bring each delicate asymmetrical design and detail to life, producing a product that computerized manufacturing methods simply cannot compete with.


The monthslong process

There are several steps required to make a pair of titanium glasses, including making a mold, pressing, brazing, polishing, finishing the surface, and then assembling the individual parts. Pure titanium is lightweight but possesses excellent strength; it requires an advanced technique to process and polish the delicate design frames to ensure high quality. Plastic frames are constructed of Mazzucchelli’s acetate. Skilled craftsmen fill each piece by hand to create a comfortable fit and transition of thickness in an asymmetric design. They are then buffed and polished to a lustrous finish.