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About the Theo Rooster

A THEO FOR YOUR TASTE. Can you imagine eating the same dish everyday? No thanks! Theo’s newest Potato Series is all about celebrating differences. Different shapes, colors, flavors, characters…variation stimulates our appetite for life!

Do you know why we’re enjoying such a rich variety of potatoes today? People! It takes a lot of thinking, trying and tweaking to create the perfect produce. The same goes for Theo eyewear: no less than 35 people are involved in the production of one pair of these frames. Simplicity is often found through complexity. Behind the effortless beauty of this design is a highly sophisticated process, combining manual work with automated production.

The result is a diverse menu of mild accessible flavors where you will surely find a Theo for your taste. No matter which potato type you choose to satisfy your cravings today, the secret ingredient is always LOVE!

Designed in Belgium and made in France, Theo has been at the fore front of cutting edge eyewear since 1987. Theo aims to bring happiness in people's lives by designing eyewear that colours outside the lines to express the wearer's individuality. With designs that are playful, colorful and come with a little quirk, it is no question that Theo has earned its reputation as the most self-willed brand of designer glasses.

Availability: Please note, all Theo eyewear is handcrafted in Europe. If we do not have the frame you desire in stock it can typically take 2-3 weeks for us to receive. We always recommend contacting us to inquire the availability of the frame you desire, if you need it by a certain time.

Available Colors:

460 - British Racing Green + Fluo Orange Red
229 - Black + Silver
292 - Hot Red + Purple
364 - Addo Grey + Terra
365 - Electric Blue + Black
374 - Dark Night + Electric Blue
378 - Citrus Black + Fluo Yellow
431 - Copper Metallic + Jazz Caramel

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1 Year Frame Warranty Included from Theo. Please click HERE for more information.

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